Teaching French

Sites of interest to French teachers and home-schooling parents.



  • Teaching young children? BBC Primary French has guides for both teachers and parents, giving advice on methodology and tips on how best to use the on-line materials which the site provides.
  • This Primary French site provides worksheets and some on-line vocabulary activities.

  • Using Storytelling in Primary Language is produced by the Northumberland Grid for Learning. It has an on-line story in French to use with children (Goldilocks and the Three Bers) and lots of suggestions on how the story can be exploited in follow up activities. Well worth a visit.


  • Frenchteacher.net is run by the teachers of Ripon Grammar School mainly provides resources for students from 11-18, including activities to accompany the course Encore Tricolore . They also have a list of games, and suggestions on lesson planning, advice on using texts and on organising a French exchange.

  • For lesson plans and worksheets aimed at getting your learners to use Frenchlanguage sites on the web, visit the Internet Activities for Foreign Language Classes site. It has printable worksheets with weblinks for three different levels of proficiency, from elementary upwards. Be warned, not all of the links work. But it should be easy to find other sites with similar information and adjust them.