Learning Spanish - Primary

If you're a home-schooling parent, or if you just want to encourage your kids to practise the Spanish they're learning at school, these sites will help.

The BBC Schools website has some interesting stuff for Primary Spanish. It has topic based units at two different levels, which include sections presenting the language to be learnt (as well as listening to the Spanish, you can choose to see the written Spanish version and/or a translation, so there's no problem about not understanding), and games to practise the language learnt. There's also a good Teacher's Guide to help teachers and parents decide how the site can best be used. Four stars.
La Tienda de Luis is a video course aimed at 9-12 year olds that can be found on Teacher's TV. (Only available in the UK.)
The Prescott School's Primary Spanish site contains some fun activities on vocabulary topics such as animals, colours, numbers, the family and the names of days and months. A pity that the spelling of the English instructions is so appalling. This was written by teachers?? Three stars.
If you're homeschooling, the Primary Resources site has a large number of resources - worksheets in Word or PDF, Powerpoint presentations etc - to help you organise your child's Spanish course.