Learning Spanish - Adults

If you want to learn Spanish online, check out these free sites.

The BBC Spanish site has a number of resources starting with a level test to help you assess which of their programmes is right for you. If you're a beginner you can try the course Spanish Steps to prepare yourself for a trip to Spain, or go into more detail with Talk Spanish. Weekly E-mails are also available to help you with your learning. At intermediate level, try Reportajes - audio based activities which you access either by topic or by language focus - or improve your knowledege of Spanish slang with Cool Spanish.

And if you just want a few phrases to help you get by while you're there, try their Quick Fix. You'll also find crosswords, games and quizzes, learning tips, and details of Spanish language learning programmes currently being broadcast on the BBC, which we also publish each month in our section Language Learning News - click on the link in the sidebar.

There are also a number of courses based on podcasts. Try Notes In Spanish which has podcasts at beginner, intermediate and advanced level. Finally Learn Spanish isn't for complete beginners, but as long as you're at elementary level, their bilingual format should help you cope.

And if you want to improve your Spanish grammar, try the Spanish Verb Conjugation Trainer, then check if you've understood with further exercises from Verbs On-line. Or you could try I23TeachMe.

Beginners can find a series of basic lessons Spanish for Travellers at the Guardian Unlimited site. Practise the language you need for eating out, meeting local people, asking directions and visiting museums.

If you're at a intermediate or advanced level, Guardian Unlimited cam also provide you with some interesting listening and reading. Each activity is based around a newspaper article about Spain and written in Spanish. If you're at Intermediate level, try reading the article first, and then listening without the transcript. Finally listen and read at the same time. If you're at an advanced level reverse the first two stages. Listen first, then read before listening and reading at the same time. And why not try shadow reading too? Read the transcript at the same time as the tape, trying to keep your speed, rhythm, pronunciation and intonation identical to that on the recording.

Finally, for Spanish with a vocational twist try the Vocational Languages Resource Bank. They have downloadable activities with audio at levels from beginners to intermediate, many of which are equally suitable for general purpose learners. Select Language from the first dropdown menu, and then Spanish from the one which appears next. Then click on go.

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