Learning Italian - Secondary

Italian is not a language which is commonly taught to this age group, and there are few resources on the web to help. If you're studying Italian at school and want some extra practice, or if you're a parent looking for sites to support your home-schooling lessons, try these...

Languages Online - a super site for the 11-14 age group. Sadly there's less on Italian than for some of their other languages, and what's there is predominantly vocabulary oriented, but hopefully the section will grow. It starts from zero and has a step by step, graded approach which gives plenty of practice of one thing before moving on to the next. The activities are produced by Ruth Smith and Andre Balaam, two British secondary school teachers, and while the site is not particularly flashy, it's well-organised and easy to use.

If you already know a bit of Italian, practise your listening with some great videos from the Ashcombe School. The topics are designed specifically to reflect GCSE and "A" Level syllabus requirements, but are also excellent general practise for anyone at a lower or upper intermediate level.