Learning German - Older Secondary

In Britain students of 17-18 will probably be working towards their A or A/S level exams, and most of the sites for this age group reflect this. They're either specifically oriented to the exam or are in any case at an advanced level. If this is not what you're looking for, check out the links to adult courses.

Aiglon College in Switzerland has a great A Level site with loads of material. It's worth looking at if you just want advanced level practice, too.

The site run by NelsonThorne, publishers of Brennpunkt, provides supplementary activities for the course which are useful for anyone working at this level. Not all the links work, unfortunately, but the grammar section is worth a visit.

The Goethe Institute also provides links on various topics relevant to the exam which are also of general interest.

Practise your listening comprehension with some great videos from the Ashcombe School.
And for some good advice on how to write a discursive essay in German for the exam, have a look at the Sunderland Schools site.

The Channel Four website offers Homework High, a service where you can ask questions about German and get an answer from a teacher. They also provide some interactive activities, at four different levels, intended to accompany the TV course Extra. It's not as useful as it might be, but has a few things worth looking at. Two stars.