Learning French - Primary

If you're a home-schooling parent, or if you just want to encourage your kids to practise the French they're learning at school, these sites will help.

The BBC Schools website has some great stuff for Primary French, with a strong emphasis on listening comprehension. There are activities at two different levels, which include little dialogues to listen to and act out, and games and songs, plus some printable worksheets to consolidate the language learnt. There's also advice for teachers and parents to help you decide how best to use the site. Five stars.

Changing channel, Channel Four has collaborated with the Scottish government to produce Chez Mimi, a site aimed at children between 9 and 12. However, each activity is offered at three different levels, and younger children who had been learning for a while could easily cope with the lowest level. Chez Mimi is also a TV series - the programmes are shown during the night and can be videoed for later use. If you're in the UK, check here for the schedule. Or - again if you're in the UK - check them out on Teachers' TV. Otherwise the programmes are also available on DVD or CDRom, with an accompanying Activity Book and Teachers Guide Check out the Channel Four site for other information, and also the programme transcripts.

Languages Online also has a Primary French section, with lots of exercises of topics such as numbers, colours, clothes, animals and parts of the body. well worth a look.
The Prescott School's Primary French site contains some fun activities on vocabulary topics such as animals, colours, numbers, the family and the names of days and months. A pity that the spelling of the English instructions is so appalling. This was written by teachers?? Two stars.

If you're homeschooling, the Primary Resources site has a large number of resources - worksheets in Word or PDF, Powerpoint presentations etc - to help you organise your child's French course.