For Teachers and Parents

Whether you are a class teacher, a home-schooling parent, or just a parent who wants to give their child some extra, fun practice in the foreign language, you'll find help, ideas and suggestions in the links on this page.

Click here for the Languages, Languages articles on foreign language teaching. If you're looking for advice on methodology, or games and practical activities which can be used to teach any foreign language, this section can help.

Annenberg Media has some excellent videos on teaching. Try the series Teaching Foreign languages K-12 :A Library of Classroom Practices to see various activity types demonstrated in foreign language classrooms, or Teaching foreign Languages K-12 : Workshop for teachers and researchers discussing a variety of issues related to language teaching. You need to register for this site but it's free and not to be missed.

The Primary Languages site contains articles on different aspects of methodology with demonstative videos. The link will take you to the home page - click on the drop down menu in the left-hand sidebar for specific topics. Once selected, sub topics will appear below. Well worth a visit - especially for its clear demonstrations of games, drama activities, story telling and other active learning techniques. Check out Number Tennis in the Embedding section.

Teacher's TV also has a large number of videos related to FL teaching, and for a couple more see the Ashcombe School site - which also contains one of the most impressive collections of materials on the net from any single school. See the sections for individual languages for further references.

If you need help designing a curriculum, check out the UK government's The Standards Site, which provides suggested schemes of work for primary and middle school age groups for French, German and Spanish. Click on Select a subject to see the drop down menu.

Click here to download the young learners version of the European language portfolio, plus a Teachers' Guide on how to use it, and a report on a British Council symposium on the use of the portfolio at all levels.

If you're trying to decide which course to choose with Younger Learners, try the CILT Information Sheets and advice on Teaching Materials.

Developments in ICT have enormous implications for the teaching of languages. Languages ICT prevides help and guidance.

Global Gateway is a useful site, especially if you're teaching in the British education system, but it's maddeningly difficult to navigate. If you're looking for help with teaching a specific language, try typing that language into their search box and then click on the first link that comes up. I haven't been able to find a complete list of the languages covered, but so far I've come across French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Russian.

Some sites focus on one language only. Click below for help with teaching specific languages, both at home and at school.